Swimming Pool Removal

Hate The Hassle of Swimming Pool Maintenance? Get Swimming Pool Removal in Perth

While swimming pools can be a lot of fun, the cost of maintenance can outgrow any potential functionality. If you feel like that’s the case, then perhaps it’s time to hire a pool removal service in Perth. Our team specialises in all types of pool removal, operating across areas such as Canning Vale, East Perth, North Perth, Rockingham, and South Perth. 

Types of Swimming Pool Removal

Check out some of the main types of swimming pool removal available:

Partial In-Ground Pool Removal

This is a much more cost-effective and efficient method since it only involves draining the pool and dismantling the top layer. Then, we fill up the space using materials such as sand and gravel. This process only takes 2 to 3 days to complete. 

Complete In-Ground Pool Removal

This involves demolishing the whole structure, filling it with soil, clearing away debris, and restoring it with topsoil. We start with draining the pool, removing materials like fibreglass and concrete, and disposing of them. Then, we fill up the area with soil before compacting it. 

Above-Ground Pool Removal

If your property has an above-ground pool, we remove it in three steps: draining, dismantling, and disposing. To drain the pool, we clear away debris and turn off electrical components before setting up a sump pump at the lowest part of the pool. Then, we carefully dismantle its components like accessories, top rails, and frames. Lastly, we dispose of metal, wooden, and plastic components appropriately. 

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Benefits of Swimming Pool Removal

Save Money on Pool Maintenance

After removing your pool, you won’t need to go through the hassle of maintaining your pool. Plus, you’ll also have to meet safety codes and regulations to avoid the liabilities of owning a pool. 

More Landscaping Opportunities

Without proper care, your swimming pool can have a negative impact on your landscape and curb appeal. By removing it, you can take steps towards upgrading your landscape with native plant species and fresh concreting. 

Makes Your Home Easier To Sell

While a swimming pool definitely provides some unique functionality, it’s not for everyone. This makes it harder to sell a property with a pool. Fortunately, removing the pool and restoring the topsoil makes the property easier to sell. 

Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re the best choice for professional pool removal in Perth:

Licensed and Insured

All our team members are fully insured and licensed to provide quality workmanship and address liability-related concerns. 

Timely Completion

When you hire us for a job, we arrive on time and come prepared with the necessary equipment to complete the project without delays. 

Post-Job Cleanup

After a project, we make sure to leave the property looking neat and tidy. Our crew clears away and disposes of any leftover debris. 

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